Solved: Redtronic LED Lightbar Stuck In Single Flash Mode?

04 July 2018
Solved: Redtronic LED Lightbar Stuck In Single Flash Mode?

Did you know that Redtronic LED lightbars have a lesser known feature – a CAP 168 approved mode for airport use?

Problem: Lightbar apparently stuck in single flash mode and user cannot change flash pattern.



To activate or deactivate this special mode:

To get this mode hold the brown sync wire to a positive power (+VDC) for 10 seconds.

This then makes the lightbar flash slowly like a static flash beacon. All LED modules will flash at the same time.


So why is this a problem?

Some customers accidentally activate this mode when trying to configure a flash pattern, and then cannot change the flash pattern.

Not only does this cause delays to fleet engineers and repairers, affecting vehicle on-the-road times. This has also led to a number of apparently faulty lightbars being rejected by the Returns Department.


Where can I get more help?

As with all technical enquiries of this nature, please call us on 01763 274185 for help and assistance so that we can work with you in establishing the cause and resolution of any issues you are having…

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