ECCO reversing alarms: Reduce the risk when reversing for less with this special offer

25 June 2019
ECCO reversing alarms: Reduce the risk when reversing for less with this special offer

Did you know that nearly a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur during reversing? Many other reversing accidents do not result in injury but cause costly damage to vehicles, equipment and premises…

While Health & Safety Executive guidance recommends the removal of a need for reversing altogether, this isn’t always achievable, and your only option is to mitigate the risk by using banksmen, vehicle CCTV camera systems, obstacle detection sensor systems and audible warning devices.

The importance of reversing alarms

Vehicle accidents don’t just cause death and injury – other examples of the harm it can do you, or your company include legal costs; loss of earnings; additional motor and other insurance premiums; bad publicity and in extreme cases companies have been irreversibly damaged by a vehicle accident of this sort!

Reverse alarms from Dun-Bri Group

There are many different audible warning devices available on the market and Dun-Bri Group work with several of the key manufacturers, ECCO Safety Group being one of them.

Available in a variety of sizes and compliant specifications, reversing alarms from ECCO are easy to install and work without fail. From the conventional ‘beep-beep’ tonal to the clever directional ‘shhh-shhh’ multi-frequency alarms, they are of rugged construction and designed to withstand the elements without faltering on performance.

Various features are available on certain ranges;

  • Smart Alarm models measure ambient noise and adjust their sound level, creating a volume that is safe without being annoying or contributing to noise pollution.
  • Night Silent / Reduction models allow the driver to disable or reduce the alarm output and reverse in residential areas during the restricted hours for sounding an alarm (23:30–07:00) without waking residents.
  • Self-Resonating Circuitry models monitor the frequency of the alarm’s sound output on each cycle and adjusts to the optimum frequency for prevailing conditions. This feature maintains the most effective warning signal possible for the life of the alarm by compensating for speaker aging, temperature and humidity variations, as well as the effect of dust and moisture deposits.
  • ECCOLIFE™ warranty. In some models the driver technology that is used extends the life expectancy of the alarm, so much so, that a life of the vehicle warranty is offered.

We always seek to enhance your safety for less, and we have a new special offer on tonal and multi-frequency ECCO reversing alarms!

500 Series: ECCO reversing alarms

ECCO’s most compact and popular line of reversing alarms, the 500 Series provides a cost effective warning solution with ECCO quality and reliability. A glass-filled nylon housing with epoxy-encapsulated electronics provide exceptional durability and protection against moisture, dust and vibration.

Just so you know: Tonal models produce the familiar ‘beep beep’ sound, and multi-frequency alarms produce the ‘shhh shhh’ sound.

700 Series reversing alarm

The Multi-Frequency reversing alarm provides a solution to potential noise pollution created by conventional reverse alarms in confined or densely populated work areas. It helps to maintain a safe warning signal for those in the danger zone of backing vehicles while minimising disturbance to work site neighbours.

This range of alarms operates by emitting sound at multiple frequencies attenuated above 4000Hz, producing a ‘shhh shhh’ sound.

Life of the vehicle warranty:
In addition, driver technology used in the EA7020 model extends the life expectancy of the alarm, so much so, that a life of the vehicle warranty is offered.

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