Lighting up time is getting earlier, so are you ready for it?

21 August 2018

While it’s only mid-August, the UK is now seeing less and less light each day. Today, there is about 2 hours less sunlight each day than at the peak of Summer (21 June) and we lose nearly 7 hours a day by the time we get to the middle of Winter (21 December) – so now is the time to check your work lighting…

With this in mind, we thought we would remind you to check your vehicle lighting and in particular today your work lights and scene lighting – they are vitally important not only in maintaining your safety at the roadside but also your efficiency while working early and late. Failures of any sort will only contribute to the risk and security of your vehicles, site and most importantly – the welfare of your staff.

To remind you of our own-brand range, we took a look back at the Top 10 selling LED work lights from our own-brand range for the past year…


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Position Part code Description
1 711.002 Square LED Work Light (900 lumens)
2 711.003 Square LED Work Light (1,300 lumens)
3 711.001 Round LED Work Light (950 lumens)
4 711.015 Round LED Work Light (4x 3W LEDs)
5 711.017 Square LED Work Light (800 lumens)
6 711.004 Round LED Work Light (1,300 lumens)
7 711.014 Square LED Flood Light (4x 3W LEDs)
8 711.005 Oval LED Flood Light (8x 3W LEDs)
9 711.020 Slim-line LED Flood Light (6x 3W LEDs)
10 711.008 Square High-Power LED Flood Light (9x 10W LEDs)


Remember, all of these products and more besides are now available to order from us – call us on 01763 274185, visit your local branch or email us at We also provide free help and advice prior to purchase too!

Credit: Office of National Statistics (2016 data); Met Office (real-time sunrise/sunset data)

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