Guide To: ECE Regulation 38

05 July 2018

This regulation applies to rear fog lamps for motor vehicles (excluding motorcycles) and their trailers, whether it is for a stand-alone lamp, or as part of a multi-function light. Each product is subject to test in terms of colour performance and light output, including where one of a pair of lamps fails – the minimum amount of light required is still emitted.

The minimum amount of light required from a fog lamp (or pair of) is 150cd (candela) subject to angular visibility restrictions. Where a lamp has a fixed output (class F or F1), it must not exceed 300cd whereas if it has a variable output (class F2), it must not exceed 840cd. Additionally, if the variable output control fails it must return to 300cd.

All products carrying an ‘E’ mark that shows conformance to ECE Regulation 38 will be displayed as per the example below. Please note that multiple ‘E’ marks may be displayed in a table or other similar form.


ECE Regulation 38 guide


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