Guide To: ECE Regulation 4

05 July 2018

ECE Regulation 4 applies to number plate lighting for power-driven vehicles and their trailers, whether it is for a stand-alone number plate light, or as part of a multi-function light.

During testing for certification, colour measurements are taken to ensure that the ‘device’ emits a light to a certain distance and angle, that does not affect the visual perception of a number plate. Because of this, approval means that the light can be used in any nation that recognises and uses ECE Regulation 4.

If a particular module forms a set of lighting that illuminates a number plate to the required level, markings on the component modules will show that the lamp in its entirety is ‘E’ marked (see Model B).

All products carrying an ‘E’ mark that shows conformance to ECE Regulation 4 will be displayed as per the example below. Please note that multiple ‘E’ marks may be displayed in a table or other similar form.


ECE Regulation 4 guide


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