Guide To: ECE Regulation 65

05 July 2018

Some vehicle lighting products such as beacons, lightbars and directional LED light heads can be tested for their performance to conform to ECE Regulation 65, a supplementary regulation that tests light output and reliability in extreme conditions, accredited by an approved testing laboratory.

There are a range of key conditions that a Regulation 65 approved product must meet including maintaining a flash rate of 2-4Hz; maintaining a level of light output to meet the night-time (Class I) or day/night-time level standards (Class II) and the ability to repel water sufficiently during a ‘rain test’.

It is important to know your requirement for ECE Regulation 65 approved products, particularly when choosing lightbars as if they feature more than two light rotating or xenon strobe modules, they must be synchronised to flash in a pattern approved by the legislation.

The class of approval refers directly to the light output of a product. Class 1 (I) products achieve a minimum level of output for use at night, whilst Class 2 (II) products achieve both the day and night-time light output standards and can be switched between the two. As an example, an amber beacon would have to be 2.3 times brighter to meet the Class II standard.

Whilst not a statutory area of legislation in the United Kingdom, many emergency services and the ‘Chapter 8’ regulations require all warning lamps to be type approved and many insurance companies and fleet operator schemes require the same. Any vehicle working in Europe must be fitted with Regulation 65 approved warning products.

All products carrying an ‘E’ mark that shows conformance to ECE Regulation 65 will be displayed as per the example below. Please note that multiple ‘E’ marks may be displayed in a tabled or other similar form.

They may also display directional markings to show which side of the vehicle it should be mounted on as it has a wide angle effect, and whether it must be mounted with other lamps to achieve the approval.


Guide to ECE Regulation 65

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