Guide To: ECE Regulation 91

05 July 2018

This regulation applies to side marker lights for motor vehicles (excluding motorcycles) and their trailers, whether it is for a stand-alone lamp, or as part of a multi-function light. Their primary function is to be used to indicate the presence of the vehicle when view from its side. For front and rear marker lights, see ECE Regulation 7.

Side marker lights can emit amber or red light, red being used in some applications for rear-end of vehicle side marking, and all can approved to class SM1 or SM2 depending on their light output.


Table data - ECE Regulation 91


Note 1: In addition, for red side-marker lamp, in the angular field from 60° to 90° in horizontal direction and ±0° in vertical direction towards the front of the vehicle, the maximum intensity is limited to 0.25 cd.

All products carrying an ‘E’ mark that shows conformance to ECE Regulation 91 will be displayed as per the example below. Please note that multiple ‘E’ marks may be displayed in a table or other similar form when aggregated.




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