AVSBW1LEDG-Seatbelt-Monitoring-System-Fixed-with-green-led-beacon AVSBW-Seatbelt-Monitoring-System-Fixed Amber-Valley-AVSBWBEAG-Seatbelt-Greeneyes-Beacon-Schematic

Amber Valley Two Point Fixed Buckle Seatbelt with Green Single Bolt Beacon

Stock Code: 257.AVSBW1

Supplier Part Number: AVSBW1

These systems are becoming widely used, especially for construction equipment where there is no cab on the vehicle and the driver/operator can fall off, resulting in serious injury or even death.

The idea is that health and safety officers/inspectors can see if a seatbelt is being worn as the green beacon will flash. These devices are for off highway applications in the main as the green beacon is used on highway by doctors.

Our “Greeneyes” beacon is very low profile, single bolt fix with the power cable coming through the mounting bolt for ease of fitting. It used the same Cree XPE LEDs as used in our Alarmalight® ranges and the unit is completely sealed by sonic welding.

The electronics and LED lights are encapsulated with epoxy resin. The void of the unit is filled with expanding foam to reduce weight and finally sealed with epoxy and a cap.

This makes the Greeneyes probably the most robust beacon of its kind.

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