AVD AVSM15CLH Sideminder Speaking Side Left Turn Warning Alarm Complete System

AVD Sideminder Speaking Side Left Turn Warning Alarm Complete System "WARNING, THIS VEHICLE IS TURNING LEFT"

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The Sideminder system comes complete with a master and two slave speaker units, as well as a complete wiring harness to connect the units together. The unit is activated when the indicators are in operation. It’s quick and easy to install and designed to protect those around the vehicle. For noise sensitive areas, the Sideminder system has a night silent function which can be wired through the sidelights or a switch on the dashboard. The unit knows when the hazard lights are in operation and automatically mutes.

  • Complete with its own wiring harness (in non-split conduit) – does not interfere with Can-Bus, Multiplex or Pet-Reg systems
  • Kit includes an on-dash mute facility as standard
  • Does not rely on motion or proximity sensors / cameras, it simply works every time you indicate to turn left (or right for the continental system)
  • Master unit and 3 slaves means the message can be heard on the largest vehicle
  • Automatically knows when hazard lights are on and mutes to avoid confusion and excessive noise pollution
  • Can be wired through our speed sensing module
  • Can be programmed in any language message on a WAV file.

The Amber Valley Sideminder System tells those that matter, when it matters most!

  • CE & EMC marked
  • Epoxy sealed for greater durability against water and vibration
  • M.I.R.A. Tested for all on and off Highway Applications
  • Pressure Washable IP67
  • Night silent through side lights or on dash switch
  • Automatically mutes when hazards are in operation to avoid confusion and noise pollution
  • Completely sealed harness with amp superseal connectors
  • Suitable for: Trucks, Coaches, Buses & Rigid Bodies

AVSM15 Technical Specification

  • Voltage Range: 12-24V
  • dB Level: 85db
  • Frequency: Speech
  • Current: 0.5mA

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