Labcraft Vanlite V30 OEM Replacement LED Interior Light

Stock Code: 391.3023MV

Supplier Part Number: V30

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  • 624 lumens of clean white light

  • Up to 7 x brighter than the original OEM light & up to half the power consumption

  • Fits into existing OEM aperture & connector

  • Integrated switch

  • Quick and easy to install - less than 30 seconds

  • Compatible with a range of Mercedes & VW models

    • Mercedes: Sprinter
    • VW: Crafter (pre 2017)

LONG LIFE, HIGH INTENSITY CREE LEDS The LED Vanlite V30 uses the latest in LED technology offering optimum performance and extended life, thereby reducing vehicle downtime and increasing productivity. The V30 uses only 6W to produce 624 lumens of clean white light, which is up to 7 times brighter than the original OEM light, whilst using up to half the power consumption, creating a safer, more productive working environment.

FITS INTO EXISTING OEM APERTURE & CONNECTOR The V30 carries exactly the same fitment specification as the original OEM light to enable quick & easy installation.

QUICK & EASY TO INSTALL The V30 is easy to install without the need for more holes or drilling. Simply pop out the original light, unplug and replace with the V30 - in less than 30 seconds.

10 YEAR WARRANTY Built with the latest hi-tech heat management and hard-wearing components, the V30 comes with Labcraft’s market leading 10 year warranty.

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