Lemania Energy LEM61220 6/12V Smart Battery Charger Lemania Energy LEM61220 6/12V Smart Battery Charger

Lemania Energy LEM61220 6/12V 2A Smart Battery Charger

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The LEM 61220 6/12V Smart Battery Charger features Memory Function, Fully Interactive, MCU controlled program, Fast Charging Technology, Power Factor Correction, Complete Protection, All Types of Battery, Abnormally protection, Recovery Mode, Extendable Connectors, Cold/AGM Mode. The most innovative and advanced charger is now introduced. It can charge wide range of 6 and 12V SLA batteries. Additional battery rescue function, compact size, light weight, water resistance and dust rating of IP65 are added values of this charger.

  • Battery Voltage: 6V / 12V

  • Voltage selection: Automatic

  • Min-Max capacity of battery for charging: 6-42A(12v2A) / 1.2-14A(12v0.8A) / 1.2-14A(6v0.8A)

  • Max. battery capacity for maintenance: 100A

  • Charging current (Amp.): 6V 0,8A +/-10% / 12V 2,0A +/-10%

  • Battery types: WET, MF, GEL, AGM, Ca-Ca

  • Charging program: Constant current

  • Ambient temperature, output is reduced automatically at high temp: Reduced output power at higher temperature

  • IP Protection: IP65


  • Battery clamp

  • Connector

  • O-Ring terminal

  • Temperature sensor

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