Lemania Energy C16-12V PROCAP Heavy Duty Jump Start Booster Pack

Lemania Energy C16-12V PROCAP Heavy Duty Jump Start Booster Pack

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Supplier Part Number: C16-12V

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New from Dun-Bri Group in partnership with Lemania Energy introduce you to a Swiss made batteryless jump start pack. It requires no maintenance and has no shelf life, as there is no battery to constantly keep charged. Using specially designed Ultracapacitors made especially for jump starting applications

Three methods to charge the Capacitors

  • Via the Supplied Fully Automatic Charger (will fully charge. If unit is at 0 volts the recharge process should be around 7 hours, if unit already has some voltage it will be much quicker.

  • Via clamps directly to a Battery. (it will only charge up to whatever voltage the battery has and will then use that power to multiply when starting engine) about 2-5 min recharge time.

  • Via clamps on a running engine. Quickest recharge time due to the alternator recharging at high speeds, charging time around 25-35 seconds.

Featuring a shock resistant ABS case, built in safety fuse and ON/OFF switch. Being able to operate in temperatures of -40°C and up to +50°C

  • Body weight: 9.5 kg.

  • Max Cr. Cap: 1800 AMP.

  • S. circuit current: 9000 AMP

  • Charging Voltage: DC 12 & 220 V

  • Charge battery : 10 sec. To 2 minutes

  • Charging time with charger: 5 hours on 220V

With a power output of 9000 Amps at peak and starting current of 1800 Amps, This jump pack is great for larger 12V engine cars, vans and trucks.

Extra featuring: industrial pure brass clamps, built in safety fuse, reverse polarity alarm

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