Super Pro 125 Soldering Iron Kit

SuperPro 125 Soldering Iron Kit

Stock Code: 812.SP1K

Supplier Part Number: SP1-K

Includes 4 Tips: Hot air and deflector for heatshrink, Hot knife and 2.4mm df and 4.8mm df tips, accessories included are sponge and tray, kit box, stand and instructions

  • SuperPro125
  • Proffesional gas soldering Iron and Heat tool.
  • High Power adjustable 25-130 Watts equivalent
  • Click to ignite
  • Cordless butane powered
  • Built in Blow Torch
  • Run Time 2Hrs + continuous use
  • Ready to melt solder less than 30 seconds from ignition

  • The Portasol solder range will only use cigarette quality 100% Butane fuel (using blended will invalidate any warranty and require repair).

Category Soldering Irons & Acc.
Pack Quantity 1

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