Pro Power Q Series Quasi/Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Pro Power Q are Sterling’s range of quasi / modified sine wave inverters. Quasi sine wave inverters work with most electrical appliances, including: hair dryers, phone, computer chargers, microwaves, kettles etc. Exceptions to this are appliances which are thyristor controlled, for example, washing machines or bread makers.

It's the responsibility off the buyer to ensure that any products to be used on Quasi sine wave inventers is rated to do so. Some products do not work and can be damaged with this wave form.

  • Cost Effective: Works out at around half the price of the Pure Sine Wave inverter. Yet it works with around 95% of electrical products.
  • 230V 50Hz and 110V 50Hz. UK / Europe domestic use and building site use Europe, and 110V 50Hz for building sites.
  • Come with 24Kt gold plated connectors
  • All inverters come pre-wired.
  • Quiet operation due to new larger fan.
  • Relatively small footprint for the power size.
  • The new turbo can inverter. Can lie flat or fits in standard cup holders in cars, lorries, vans etc.
  • e13 automotive type approved

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