Direct Vision Standard (DVS)

On 30 September 2016 the Mayor announced his intention to use the world's first Direct Vision Standard (DVS) for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) to improve the safety of all road users, particularly vulnerable road users like pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

HGVs will be rated between ‘zero-star’ (lowest) and ‘five-star’ (highest) as it leaves the factory or if any 'significant changes' are to be made by a bodybuilder, post process.

The current plans are...

From October 2020, 'zero-star' HGVs would be banned unless they can demonstrate they operate in compliance with other measures in a defined safe system to minimise their risk to vulnerable road users, this being the HGV Safety Standard Permit (HSSP) scheme.

By 2024, zero, one and two star HGVs would also be banned unless they can demonstrate compliance with an updated progressive safe system.

The scheme will launch in October 2019 when operators will be able to apply for HGV Safety Standard Permits (HSSP).

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