HGV Safety Standard Permit (HSSP)

Vehicles that do not meet a sufficient Direct Vision Standard (DVS) rating to operate in London will be granted a HGV Safety Standard Permit (HSSP) that has conditions requiring the vehicle meets a safe system of additional measures designed to increase safety and reduce road risk. These measures will be contained in ‘safe system permit conditions’ attached to the HGV Safety Standard Permit (HSSP) of all vehicles rated zero star in 2020 (from 2024, those rated two stars or below). Failure to implement the required measures will result in the vehicle being banned from working in Greater London.

What will the safe system measures be?

The precise requirements of the initial safe system applying in 2020 will be subject to further consultation with operators, stakeholders and the public (Phase 2b is due in early 2019). However, it is likely to require zero star HGVs to be fitted with camera monitoring systems, Class V and VI mirrors, sensor systems, driver alerts, vehicle signage and side-guards meeting applicable European Union and United Nations Economic Commission for Europe regulations. The FORS Silver standard covers the above requirements.

Dun-Bri Group has compiled groups of products as a guide to bring your vehicle(s) up to standard. If you need any further information or guidance please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)1763 274185, visit your local branch, or email us at sales@dun-bri.com.

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