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Handeman Hand Wash Basin

Description:12v Handeman Wash Basin These self contained units carry their own water supply and run off a vehicles Battery


• Finger-tip tap operation •10 washes per fill • Thermostacitlly controlled • No plumbing • Comfy and effective water temperature of 45°C (+/-2°C) • Two litre waste-safe holds all dirty water • Electronic control • Battery safe • Fuse and mounting bracket supplied; two wire fitting • ‘No water’ satey cut-out • Meets European EMC Automotive Directive 95/94/EC • Tough, fully moulded polyethylene for internal or external fitting • Weight empty: 3kg • Weight full: 5.3kg • Max capacity: 2.5 litres (2 Litres usable)

Warranty:Repair Only

Power:12V 180 watt / 15 amp

Category Hand Wash Basins
Manufacturer Teal
Pack Quantity 1
Features 10 (12 second) washes
Voltage 12V

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