Lightbars - LED & Rotator

Buy LED or rotating lightbars, including amber recovery lightbars or blue emergency services lightbars. We specialize in LED lightbars - manufacture and distribution.

What is a beacon lightbar used for?

Beacon lightbars, or just lightbars, are used on vehicles as a visual warning to other motorists of their presence. The orange strobe is a staple sight on the motorways in Britain keeping our motorists on their route and engineers safe whilst they perform vital repairs or services. A well designed lightbar can easily withstand the UK's hot, cold or rainy days.

Available in different lengths, colours and fully packed with smart technology these lightbars will aid you in meeting site requirement needs.

Read our guide on Chapter 8 and what you need for your vehicle to get onsite.

Do I need a bespoke lightbar or will a standard configuration lightbar meet my needs?

A standard configuration lightbar is most cost effective as your options are often limited. This does not mean that you are getting an inferior product and all our lightbars are e-marked and ready out the box, but you may be limited to the colour and extra functionality.

Whereas a custom configurable lightbar can become quite expensive with all the different features that are available. This includes (but not limited to) various LED colour configurations, coloured or clear lenses, illuminated signage, stop/tail/indicator modules and even sirens and speakers.

Need assistance?

It can all get a bit complicated, but we're here to help. At Dun-Bri we pride ourselves on giving you the right advice when you choose your lightbar and we can even work with you to design the perfect solution to your requirements. Just ask us for this free of charge service. With so many options to choose from we suggest you contact us to discuss your requirements on +44 (0) 1763 274185 or email

Need you lightbar fitted?

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