Inspection / Supervisor Vehicles

Inspection/Supervisor Vehicles shall

  • be of conspicuous colour (e.g. yellow or white – a non-reflective yellow colour, No. 355 (lemon) to Table 1 of BS 381C: 1996 “Specification for colours for identification, coding and special purposes” is recommended);
  • have a 70mm capital letter height “HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE” sign or "MOTORWAY MAINTENANCE" sign when working on motorways only (externally mounted on rear of vehicle);
  • have an ECE R65 approved roof-mounted amber light bar (visible 360°) with a minimum of two independent light sources;
    • Additional directional lighting to front and rear where usual warning lighting would be obscured
  • have high visibility rear markings of “Class RA2” to BS EN 12899-1 or microprismatic reflective markings installed as either
    • chevron markings comprising alternate strips of fluorescent orange-red retroreflective material and fluorescent yellow non-retroreflective material, of not less than 150 mm width each, inclined at 45-60° to the horizontal and pointing upwards, or
    • a solid block of fluorescent orange-red retroreflective material.
  • have company or client livery on side of vehicle.
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