DIN & Cigarette Power Plugs & Sockets

Cigarette Power Plugs & Sockets - Ø21mm

An automobile auxiliary power outlet (also known as car outlet, automotive power socket, automobile outlet, vehicular outlet, cigarette lighter receptacle, cigar lighter receptacle, CLR, or cigar lighter socket) in an automobile was initially designed to power an electrically heated cigarette lighter, but became a de facto standard DC connector to supply electrical power for portable accessories used in or near an automobile, directly from the vehicle's electrical system.

It is not to be confused with the similarly looking but incompatible ISO 4165 DIN power sockets/plugs.

DIN Power Plugs & Sockets - Ø12mm

Also known as the BMW Accessory plug, as it is used on BMW motorcycles, the Powerlet connector and the Hella or Merit plug in Australia (where they are popular in mobile power applications, including 4WD and Caravaning).

They conform to the ISO 4165 standard that describes a double-pole DC connector which can supply 12 and 24V at up to 12A to appliances in vehicles. Although roughly similar in design to the Cigarette Power Plug, the ISO 4165 connector is shorter and smaller in diameter.

The body (which remains outside the receptacle) is 20 mm in diameter and the neck must mate with a 12mm diameter hole.

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