APP SB Series Connectors

Invented by Anderson Power Products®, the innovative SB® connectors provide cost-effective reliability, design flexibility and mistake-proof capability for your products' manufacture, installation and maintenance. APP's 2 & 3 pole connectors are available for 50, 120, 175 and 350 amp ratings for use to 600 Volts continuous AC or DC operation. There are SB® connectors for many applications and wire sizes, #16 (1.3 mm²) to 300 mcm (152.0 mm²). Mechanical keys ensure connectors will only mate with connectors of the same color. Different color housings are selected to identify voltages, thus preventing mismatching of the power supply system.

The housings are interchangeable and genderless interconnects. Insert contacts into housings and plug together for a clever, simple and low-cost solution to power interconnection. Low-detent contacts are also offered for low insertion/withdrawal force applications. Contacts are available in reeled and loose piece designs to support all production needs from very high volumes to engineering prototype and low-volume customized products.

There are SB® connectors for many applications - UPS Systems, Telecommunications, Forklift Trucks, Wheelchairs, Electric Vehicles, Chargers, Power Electronics & much more.


  • Mechanical keyed housings - Prevents accidental mating of components operating at different voltage levels
  • Single-piece housing and unitized construction - Provides industrial quality and durability
  • PCB mounted Quick disconnect - Avoids the need for unfastening ring type terminals
  • Straight and right angle terminal - Provides flexibility of parallel or perpendicular mounting to the PCB
  • Genderless design - Makes assembly quick and easy and reduces number of parts stocked
  • Flat wiping contact system - Allows for minimal contact resistance at high current, wiping action cleans contact surface during disconnection
  • Silver plated contacts - Offers greater longevity when using high power, elevated temperature applications
  • UL approved for current interrupt - Safe for "Hot Plug" of battery power
  • Wide product range - for 50, 120, 175 and 350 amps - Allows versatility to choose product best suited to design requirements
  • UL94 V-0 housing material - Provides security in knowledge that the connector chosen meets strict UL flammability ratings

Housing Dimensions

  • SB50 - 48mm (l) x 35.1mm (w) x 15.9mm (h)
  • SB120 - 63.5mm (l) x 46.4mm (w) x 20.6mm (h)
  • SB175 - 79.6mm (l) x 55.6mm (w) x 25.4mm (h)
  • SB350 - 107.9mm (l) x 69.9mm (w) x 33.3mm (h)

Recommended Voltage Key Colour Code

  • 12V - Yellow
  • 18V - Orange
  • 24V - Red
  • 36V - Grey
  • 48V - Blue
  • 72V - Green
  • 80V - Black


  • SB® 50 Black and Grey housings have the same keying features and can be intermated.
  • SB® 175 black housing is keyless and can be mated with all other colours.
  • SB® 350 Black and Blue housings have the same keying features and can be intermated.
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