Mobile Digital Recorders

Brigade’s Mobile Digital Recording (MDR) systems are now capable of capturing vehicle data and footage from up to 16 vehicle-mounted cameras. The MDR range includes models with 4G and WiFi connectivity capabilities, allowing data to be accessed from the recorder without having to physically go to the vehicle.

To take full advantage of the benefits of 4G connectivity, Brigade provide Bridge, a fully managed service for 4G enabled systems so that operators do not have to set up and maintain their own servers and manage SIMs and mobile data.

New IP Cameras and Network Expansion Modules mean that up to 6 cameras can be connected to the 4-channel MDR and up to 16 cameras can be connected to the 8-channel MDR.

  • MDRs are compatible with all Brigade Backeye® camera monitor systems, including Backeye®360.
  • MDRs are compatible with Brigade’s Backeye® camera monitor systems, IP cameras and Backeye®360 - BN360-200.
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