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Welcome to Dun-Bri Group's comprehensive collection of beacons, the pinnacle of vehicle safety and visibility. Our beacons, equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensure that your vehicle stands out, whether on bustling highways or remote terrains.

Explore Our Beacon Offerings:

Popular Brands to Explore:

  • Britax: A trusted name in beacon technology.
  • ECCO: Renowned for their robust and reliable beacons.
  • LAP Electrical: Offering a blend of innovation and performance.
  • Redtronic: Leaders in advanced beacon solutions.
  • LED Autolamps: Pioneers in LED beacon technology.

Dun-Bri's Exclusive Beacon Ranges:

Dun-Bri Valueline Beacons:
Introducing our Valueline Beacons, a testament to quality and affordability. These beacons are R10 (EMC) approved, ensuring they meet the highest standards of electromagnetic compatibility. Whether you're looking for a beacon for general use or specifically for seat belt kits, our Valueline range offers options with green lenses to cater to your needs.

Dun-Bri Slimline Beacons:
Elevate your vehicle's safety with our Slimline Beacons. Not only are these beacons R10 (EMC) approved, but they also boast the ECE R65 approval, signifying their top-tier performance and reliability. Like the Valueline, our Slimline beacons are available with green lenses, making them an excellent choice for seat belt kits.

Choose Dun-Bri for beacons that combine innovation, quality, and value. Whether it's the Valueline or the Slimline, you're investing in safety and durability.

Friendly Business Contact Section:
At Dun-Bri Group, we pride ourselves on being more than just a supplier. We're your trusted partner in road safety. Our seasoned team is always ready to guide you to the perfect product tailored to your needs. For any inquiries or assistance:

Your safety on the road is our utmost priority. Let's journey together!

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