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Marker Lights

Welcome to our extensive collection of Rubbolite Marker Lights and Stalk Lamps – the ultimate destination for top-quality lighting solutions that ensure visibility and safety on the road. Our wide range of products includes a variety of styles, sizes, and technologies to meet the diverse needs of drivers and vehicle enthusiasts.

Discover Our Comprehensive Range:

  • M890/M891 Series Rectangular LED Marker Lamps: Explore the efficiency and brilliance of rectangular LED marker lamps, designed to provide clear visibility in various weather conditions. These lamps are not just lights, they're a statement of safety.

  • M893/M894 Series Oval LED Marker Lamps: Embrace the elegance and functionality of oval LED marker lamps. These lamps not only enhance visibility but also add a touch of sophistication to your vehicle's exterior.

  • M881 Series LED Click In Marker Lamps: Enjoy the convenience of easy installation with our LED click-in marker lamps. Designed to be user-friendly without compromising on performance, these lamps are a popular choice among vehicle owners.

  • M850/M851 Series LED Marker Lamps: Experience exceptional illumination with our LED marker lamps that are designed for reliability and long-lasting performance. Illuminate your path with confidence.

  • M553 Series LED Marker Lamps: Upgrade your vehicle's lighting system with the M553 Series, a symbol of innovation and efficiency. These lamps offer a seamless blend of form and function.

  • M856/M857 Series LED Marker Lamps: Navigate with enhanced safety through the superior brightness of the M856/M857 Series. These marker lamps not only provide enhanced visibility but also add a modern touch to your vehicle's appearance.

  • M899 Series LED Marker Lamps: Trust in the M899 Series to guide you through the darkest nights. With advanced LED technology, these marker lamps are a beacon of security on the road.

  • M840/M841 Series LED Stalk Marker Lamps: Elevate your vehicle's lighting aesthetics with our LED stalk marker lamps. These lamps are designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle's design while delivering powerful performance.

  • M897/M898 Series Oval LED Marker Lamps: Let your vehicle stand out with the M897/M898 Series, offering a perfect balance of style and functionality. These oval LED marker lamps are designed to catch attention while enhancing safety.

Our collection includes a wide variety of marker lights, LED side marker lights, clearance lights, and more – catering to vehicles ranging from trucks to caravans, and motorhomes. Whether you're seeking amber side marker lights, red LED marker lights, or white marker lights, we have options that match your requirements.

Discover the quality and innovation that Rubbolite is known for. Browse through our extensive selection of marker lights and stalk lamps to find the perfect fit for your vehicle. Experience unmatched visibility and safety on the road with Rubbolite – your trusted partner for automotive lighting excellence.

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