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Dun-Bri Group: Championing Talent On and Off the Field

15 November 2023
Dun-Bri Group: Championing Talent On and Off the Field

In an exciting development for sports and community engagement, Dun-Bri Group proudly announces our latest initiative in sports sponsorship. This time, it’s personal - we're sponsoring one of our own! Archie Strath, a valued member of our team, has been making impressive strides as a professional rugby player for Cambridge Rugby Club.

At Dun-Bri Group, our strength is our people. Archie Strath exemplifies our ethos of dedication, hard work, and passion. Juggling a demanding career with us and pursuing rugby excellence, Archie has shown remarkable commitment and skill.

Our sponsorship is a testament to our belief in nurturing our team’s dreams and aspirations. This initiative will provide Archie with essential support in his rugby career, covering training, equipment, and travel expenses for his games with Cambridge Rugby Club.

"This sponsorship is more than just financial support; it's a celebration of talent, perseverance, and the spirit of our Dun-Bri family. We're thrilled to back Archie in his rugby journey, showcasing the incredible talents that our team possesses, both in the workplace and on the rugby field."

James Roberts, Financial Director at Dun-Bri Group

Dun-Bri Group is more than a supplier of commercial and emergency vehicle lighting; we are a community that fosters growth, supports dreams, and celebrates achievements. By sponsoring Archie, we're extending our commitment beyond business, into the heart of community and personal development.

Archie Strat - Cambridge Rugby Club

"This support from Dun-Bri Group is incredibly meaningful to me. It’s not just about the financial aspect; it's knowing that I have the backing of my work family. This sponsorship will significantly aid my rugby career, and I am deeply thankful for the opportunity to represent both Dun-Bri Group and Cambridge Rugby Club on the field."

Archie Strath, Back Row at Cambridge Rugby Club

Join us in cheering for Archie and the Cambridge Rugby Club. We eagerly await their next triumph on the rugby field. Go, Cambridge!

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