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Dun-Bri Group: A Proud Accredited Living Wage Employer - Commitment to Fair Pay

05 January 2024
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We are thrilled to announce that Dun-Bri Group has officially been recognized as an Accredited Living Wage Employer. This important milestone underscores our commitment to our employees and to ethical business practices in the auto-electrical industry.

What Being a Living Wage Employer Means:

Becoming an Accredited Living Wage Employer means that we have voluntarily committed to ensuring that all our employees, including those on contracted or third-party staff, are paid at least the Real Living Wage. This wage is independently calculated each year based on what people need to get by, ensuring a fair and decent standard of living.

Why We Chose to Become a Living Wage Employer:

At Dun-Bri Group, we believe our team is our greatest asset. Recognizing the hard work, dedication, and skill of our employees is not just about fair compensation; it's about showing respect and appreciation for their contributions. This initiative is part of our broader commitment to social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

The Impact on Our Employees and Customers:

By committing to the Living Wage, we are investing in our people. This not only improves the lives of our employees but also enhances the quality of our services. Our customers can take pride in doing business with a company that prioritizes fair and ethical employment practices.

Our Vision for the Future:

We view this accreditation as a step towards a more equitable and sustainable future in the auto-electrical industry. Our dedication to fair wages is part of our larger commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations, from product quality to customer service.

As we continue to grow and serve our trade customers across the UK, we are proud to lead by example in the industry. The accreditation as a Living Wage Employer is more than a title; it's a reflection of our core values and our promise to be a responsible and forward-thinking company.

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