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Guide To: CAP 168

05 July 2018

Under the Licensing of Aerodromes regulations, as written by the Civil Aviation Authority, there is a requirement under Chapter 4, Section 12, Sub-section 11, to light all vehicles that enter the movement area of an airport, airfield or similar.

Airport operators are charged with ensuring that all vehicles are properly lit using beacons regardless of who owns or operates the vehicles. These lights are referred to as ‘obstacle lights’ under CAA regulations.

Under Appendix 6A, Section 1, the regulations define the permissible specifications of a beacon or lightbar as below;


CAP 168 vehicle lighting guide

Note 1: The coverage requirement for ‘Follow Me’ vehicles only is illustrated in Figure 6A.21 of the CAP 168 regulations.


To meet the specifications, you should use static flash beacons, either that are fitted with a tungsten halogen bulb or LED module. Xenon strobe lighting is not permissible at aerodromes as it can lead to dazzle. Ensure that you select only lighting that is marked as CAP 168 compliant.

The lights specified should be fitted at the highest point of the prime mover vehicle. The highest point of trailers should be fitted with steady red lights of not less than 10 cd.

Aerodrome ambulances, fire and rescue appliances should, in addition, carry blue flashing lights for use whilst carrying out emergency duties. In conditions where emergency vehicles not normally based at an aerodrome are called upon for assistance, flashing blue lights, where fitted, should be operated within the movement area.

If you require a lightbar to be built to meet these regulations, you should contact us in the first instance. For more information on the management of vehicles at an aerodrome, please refer to CAP 642, the regulations on Airside Safety Management, available from the CAA.

Please note, there is no standard specific product marking that we can example in this catalogue. If you are unsure as to the suitability of your chosen product, please contact us for further advice.


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