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The Future of HGV Safety: DVS and PSS Evolutions

13 December 2023

Staying Ahead: The Future Developments in Direct Vision Standard and Progressive Safe System


As the transport industry evolves, so do the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) and Progressive Safe System (PSS). Staying ahead of these changes is crucial for HGV operators committed to safety and compliance.

Emerging Trends in Vehicle Safety

Upcoming trends in vehicle safety include:

  1. Automated Driving Technologies: Increasing integration of autonomous features in HGVs.
  2. Advanced Sensor Capabilities: Enhanced detection and prevention of accidents.
  3. Eco-Friendly Innovations: A push towards greener, more sustainable HGVs.

Trend Analysis:

  • [Table Placeholder: Analysis of Upcoming Trends in Vehicle Safety]

Potential Regulatory Changes

Looking forward, we can anticipate:

  • Stricter DVS Ratings: Possible elevation of minimum required star ratings.
  • Broader Application: Expansion of DVS and PSS standards to other vehicle categories.
  • Global Adoption: Potential adoption of similar standards in other countries.

Technology's Role

The role of technology in shaping these standards is pivotal:

  1. Data-Driven Safety Improvements: Utilization of big data for safety analytics.
  2. Connected Vehicles: Enhanced communication between vehicles and infrastructure.
  3. User-Centric Safety Features: Development of customizable safety solutions.

Technology Impact:

  • [Image Placeholder: Infographic on the Role of Technology in DVS and PSS]

Preparing for the Future

Tips for staying ahead:

  • Continuous Learning: Keep abreast of industry developments.
  • Investment in Technology: Allocate resources for technological upgrades.
  • Engagement with Regulatory Bodies: Stay informed about potential regulatory changes.


The future of DVS and PSS is dynamic and requires a proactive approach to adaptation. By staying informed and prepared, HGV operators can ensure not only compliance but also leadership in road safety.

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[Image Placeholder: Predictive Chart on Future DVS and PSS Developments]

Embrace the future by staying informed and prepared for the evolving landscape of vehicle safety standards.

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