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Guide To: Crossrail Site Safety

05 July 2018

With the Crossrail project seemingly continuing to expand its plans and projects for London, we are a common question – ‘What safety equipment do I need to get my vehicle on to a Crossrail site?’…

To speed things up, we’ve put the minimum equipment you would need to have on your vehicle from our range in the below table. Remember you can always call us for advice on 01763 274185 or email us at for help and advice, free of charge.


Type Part code Description
Compliant vehicle stickers 350.SEATBELT Wear Seat Belt Sticker (Blue/White)
350.CYCLIST/ALU/297 Warning Cyclist Vehicle Is Turning Left (Aluminium Sign)
350.DRUGS/ALCOHOL No Driving Under The Influence of Drugs/Alcohol Sticker
350.PEDESTRIAN Do Not Walk Close To This Vehicle (Self-Adhesive Label)
350.INSPECTION Vehicle Inspection Sticker (Self-Adhesive Label)
350.MAXCAPACITY Maximum Legal Capacity Sign (Self-Adhesive Label)
Side scan kit 700.SS4000W Side Scan Ultrasonic Detection Sensor System
700.LS60A Low Speed Trigger Unit
700.TS001ECU Turn Indicator Trigger Unit
700.SKUDS05 Sonic Trailer Conversion Kit for Side Scan (Articulated vehicles only)
Camera kit 708.015DBG 5″ Colour TFT LCD Monitor with Camera (includes Audio & Night Vision capability)
708.026 Left-hand Side Rear Facing Camera
708.020 5m CCTV Camera Cable
708.007 Audio & Video Trailer Conversion Kit (Articulated vehicles only)
Camera kit (optional/alternatives) 708.036 Quad Split Screen & Twin Monitor With Built In Control Box System
708.020 5m CCTV Camera Cable
708.021 10m CCTV Camera Cable
708.022 20m CCTV Camera Cable
708.027 Under Wing-mirror Camera
708.023 Bullet Camera
708.025 Standard Camera (Please note: 2 required)
708.007 Audio & Video Trailer Conversion Kit (Articulated vehicles only)
Auxiliary parts & sundries 307.1360 Compact Reflective Warning Triangle
750.1ABC 1kg ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher
308.004A 12-24v 4-LED High intensity LED Warning Light Head (Please note: 2 to front, 2 to rear of vehicle required)
700.SSBC008 Side Turn Warning Alarm
700.BA57 12-24v Night Silent Reversing Alarm
311.009 Single Bolt LED Beacon (Conical Base) (Please note: 2 required for vehicle)
100.TEP0724 24v Emergency Bulb Kit (H7/H1 set)


Why not start searching for these? Just enter the codes you need at


Last updated: 13 June 2018.

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