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Automotive Cables

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Automotive Cables, an indispensable part of every vehicle's electrical system. Our guide is designed to provide an all-inclusive understanding of the subject matter, providing insights into different types of automotive cables, their applications, selection, installation, and maintenance.

The Automotive Cable 101 post will start you off with the basics - understand what automotive cables are, their purpose, and why they're an integral component of every vehicle. For a deeper dive, Single-Core vs Multi-Core Automotive Cables explores the key differences between these types and when to use each.

If you are looking for specific types of cables, our Battery and Welding Cable Guide gives you detailed information about these heavy-duty cables, their uses, and selection criteria. Additionally, The A-Z of Other Cables will provide an overview of specialized cables for diverse applications.

Maintenance is an essential aspect of ensuring the longevity and optimal functioning of automotive cables. Our post on Automotive Cable Management offers insights into effective cable management practices. Furthermore, Automotive Cable Maintenance and Troubleshooting provides practical tips on cable care, common issues, and how to resolve them.

Understanding how to properly connect your cables is also crucial. Our Terminals and Connectors Guide helps with that, providing a step-by-step process on establishing secure connections.

Navigating the world of automotive cables can be complex, but with our in-depth guides and wide array of product offerings, we aim to make the process easier. At Dun-Bri Group, we strive to keep you connected to the information you need and the products that drive performance and safety in your automotive applications."

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We often get questions from our customers about thinwall cable, and why they should consider it over standard cable. Well we’ve taken a number of them and we’ve written the answers down for you…


Thinwall cable: What is it?

In a

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